Platform Features

Build and configure the system to fit your needs!

We developed TRC to allow anyone to build a logistic system without a need for software development.

You give a mobile app access to people that want to do things and connect them with clients with use of TRC systems. What type of systems you can build with help of our software:

Uber-type of system

You can build a sharing economy system for transportation tasks. Invite drivers and give them different type of tasks like: Transportation tasks

Fixly-type of system

You can build a sharing economy system for specialists. For example invite plumbers and give them tasks like: fix the sink

Glovo-type of system:

You can build a sharing economy system for delivery. For example invite delivery people on bikes and give them tasks like: Deliver food

Assets tracking system

TRC can also be used for tracking assets on a simple map. For example you add your properties in a city and cleaners and assign them tasks for cleaning when it's planned.

Smart City sensors tracking

TRC is designed to communicate with an API. You can add points on the map and read sensors data. You can trigger the automated tasks when a reading is bad. For example inform if there is a fire

Simple tracking

You can easily just track your assets on the map. Perfect for monitoring. So you can have a simple map with static points that you can track, or you can have a system with points that are moving all the time and you just connect them in a best possible way :)

TRC system gives you a backend to build your own system, under your brand and domains. You can use this system internally (for your own employees and clients for example) or you can use it to build a public application that can compete with global players like "uber"