Platform Features

Build and configure the system to fit your needs!

In the TRC system you have moving objects/users and you have tasks or places (depend on the type of system you're building). Tasks / Places are placed on the map and do not change a position. They can represent:

  • - A place where you need to deliver something
  • - A client waiting for pickup
  • - A client waiting for fix of a sink
  • - A building you service
  • - A job
  • - And anything that do not change a position in time.

Tasks can be placed on the map as point and they do not have to be attach to a user or object. To add a task/place go to task and click "Add a task":

When you add a task you need to provide some information. However only name, instruction and address is required. You're able to find a location using a search engine or use a mouse to assign a point.

On the right side of this form you can do couple of things:

  • - You can select type of assignment (please read about connecting tasks with people in assignment section)
  • - You can select manual assignment and select a users manually
  • - When you select an acceptance option the user will be required to accept the task you will assign on his mobile app. If he will not do not the task will not have assigned user
  • - You can select automatic assignment
  • - This option will help you to assign a best possible personal to this job autmatically (read more about it in automatic assignment)
  • You can also provide some important information about the task. Select categories that will help with matchin and provide some information that will be helpful for the driver. The last thing you want to select is an icon that will be placed on map. When you do all of it your point will appear on the map:
  • As you can see here you can check all the important information about this task. When you click view icon you will be taken to a detailed view with all the details you need:

    In here you will be able also to view a history of things (assignments) that happen with that task or place. That's how the points are placed on the map. To view all the tasks go to tasks section:

    On the list you will fint two important information about the task that will be important for you if you decide to build an uber-type system. A user/object that was assigned and current task status. But this you can check in assignment section of this tutorial

    How the tasks are visible to users / drivers on a mobile app?

    A user will see in the mobile app only tasks that are assigned to him. They will be displayed as you can see below

    A user can filter the type of tasks he is working with. He can also check the map with all the points that are assigned to him. He can also check the time and current status. user can take the task by displaying details

    As you can see above user see the task details with all necessary information. When he's picking up the tasks he can click begin and when he finish he can click "delivered". He can also add a note and use navigation system.