Build a sharing economy logistic system

Your own uber, glovo, doordash, handy type of business

Designed for delivery business and communities

Especially for

Food delivery
Shipping couriers
Taxi transport
Grocery delivery
Fixing industry
Tracking rentals

Universal logistic app

We provde a universal, easy to use mobile app for delivery people where they can receive orders and process them. The app is also equipped with a tracker that will help to check the current position of the delivery guy. This handy app will fit any business model, including accepting or rejecting delivery request, delivery reminders for a specific date and more

Core values

Sharing economy

Connect people that deliver with orders. Use it to build full sharing economy system

Delivery APP

Every delivery person has an app where they receive orders and process them

Close allocation

When you add order, the system can pickup the delivery person that is the nearest to the location

Delivery patterns

Build delivery patterns. Pick up from location A, go to location B and then to location C